15 aprile 2020 | BLOG

COVID, thoughts of a designer

Since the end of February we have seen the world change in front of our eyes, discovering a brand new way of living and relating to other people. The world we now live in has always been possible, but we’ve never considered it.

For the very first time in history Vogue Italia has decided to publish a special April issue, with a blank cover. And not for lack of content or pictures, but because white represents many things, respect, rebirth, a new page ready to be written with creativity and awareness. A story that can be narrated with new eyes, like the eyes of a designer.

They say human beings get quickly accustomed to daily routines. The hectic pace of our daily life sometimes won’t let us dwell on our every day actions. It’s a designer’s duty to “see, feel and improve those things”. But above all to solve problems, focusing on the invisible ones, maybe taking a step back in order to see the big picture, “to think younger so we can stay beginners”.

During the current emergency, some daily use objects can inspire new behavioural solutions, and could be modified with the purpose to defuse the chain of infection caused by the tactile contacts inside our home. One of the natural consequences will be a greater care in choosing coating materials and surfaces in general, both in public and private spaces. It will be necessary, where possible, to study the characteristics of some antibacterial materials (such as antibacterial and/or photocatalytic ceramic) and to prefer surfaces that can be easily washed and sanitised. Usually ceramic and porcelain stoneware are considered the most hygienic and non-toxic materials, as they are dense and therefore don’t retain dirt, dust and mold, and they are easy to clean. Another key issue that needs to be addressed is indoor pollution, therefore room purification systems and sanitisation of daily use objects will become crucial.

architetto Sofia Venezia